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A RARE LARGE CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN BOWL, MING DYNASTY. This type of ‘Swatow’ (also known as ‘Zhangzhou’) ware is typically fairly heavily-potted. Coated in a thick glaze that is finely-crackled. The underglaze blue is of good colour and the design particularly elaborate, decorated with gourds and tassels. Surrounding this on the inner wall of the bowl are four panels containing, alternately, flower blossoms and more tasseled objects, then a wide floral border surrounding the rim. The underside decoration features two birds in branches around the wide rim, and four main panels containing peaches. This bowl was recovered from an unnamed shipwreck by Captain Michael Hatcher of ‘Hatcher Cargo’ fame. 22cm diam.

Reference: Bowls such as this are very rare although there is a similar, but slightly smaller example, illustrated in Rita C. Tan’s 2007 book, ‘Zhangzhou Ware’. Good overall condition with no signs of damage or restoration. Single firing fault to well of bowl.