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FIVE 18TH-19TH CENTURY PRINTED MAPS OF CHINA. Comprising: an example by H. A. Chatelain, HABILLEMENS D’HOMMES & DE FEMMES DIVERSE PROVINCES DE LA CHINE, Amsterdam circa 1720, Copperplate uncoloured, 370 by 430mm (14.5 by 17 inches), a map by T. Bowen, London 1775, THE NORTHERN ARCHIPELAGO … IN THE SEAS OF KAMCHATKA…, Copperplate uncoloured, 170 by 235mm (6.75 by 9.25 inches), a map by Lizars CHINA, Edinburgh circa 1842, steel plate, original outline colour, 395 by 445mm (15-5 by 17.5 inches), a map of CHINA by G. H. Swanston & J. Bartholomew, Edinburgh, London & Dublin, A Fullarton & Co. circa 1860, coloured steel plate, 412 by 535mm (16.25 by 21 inches), and a map by W. F. Mayers, London / Hong Kong 1867, FROM TUNGCHOW TO PEKING, uncoloured Lithograph, 180 by 410mm (7 by 16.25 inches) (5) The first (Chatelain, Habillemens D’Hommes & De Femmes Diverse….) Finely engraved. A decorative and elaborate plate from Henri Abraham Chatelain’s ‘Atlas Historique’ illustrating and describing Chinese people of all ranks and regions. Also displayed is a Jesuit Priest and the monumental bridge connecting two mountains in Xensi province.

The second (Bowen, The Northern Archipelago…) Engraved by Thomas Bowen and published in the ‘London Magazine’, this map purports to illustrate the recent Russian discoveries in the northeast Pacific, showing the Aleutian Islands and a large ‘Alaschka Island’ off the mainland of North America. Trimmed close and laid on old paper. Jolly, Maps in British Periodicals I, LOND-306.

The third (Lizar, China) An attractive and detailed map of China, including Korea, Taiwan and Hainan. Original outline colour delineates the districts. A note on the ‘Chinese Wall’ appears at the upper left, noting that it is ‘so broad, that 5 or 6 Horsemen may travel abreast on the top’.

The fourth (Swanston & Bartholomew, China) An attractive and detailed map of all China with inset details of Chusan and the estuary of the Canton River from Canton to Macao and Hong Kong.

The fifth (Mayers, From Tungchow to Peking) William Frederick Mayers was one of a number of British Consular officials active in the major ports and towns in the Far East during the mid-nineteenth century. His work "Treaty Ports Of China and Japan" was a source of much valuable information for visitors whether in the pursuit of trade or as tourists, and included detailed folding maps of many of those trading ports featured. Published in London and Hong Kong. This map shows in good detail the road from the town of Tungchow to Peking’s outskirts, approximately 14 miles with remarks as to the road surfaces, ie whether ‘Stone Paved’ or not. Printed in light scarlet ink on thin rice paper with backing to old fold weakness.

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