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HEIBONSHA UNIFORM VOLUMES FROM THE TOJI TAIKEI 陶磁大系 series of 69 vols. Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1972 onwards. First Editions. The Toji Taikei is an authoritative account of Chinese porcelain by the respected Japanese art book publisher Heibonsha. Vol. 3 Seiji [Celadon] 38 Tenmoku [Temmoku] 40 Ryo no toji [Ceramics of the Liao Dynasty] 42 Min no sometsuke [Ming underglaze blue and white] 43 Min no akae [Ming red enamel] 44 Kosometsuki Shonzui [Old blue and white and Shonzui] 45 Gosu akae, Nankin akae [Red enamelled ware and Nanking red ware] 46 Shin no kan’yo [Qing official ware]. And from Toki Zenshu 陶器全集(Compete Collection of Pottery), 18 vols also Tokyo, Heibonsha: vol 13 So no Jishu [Song dynasty Ci ware] and vol 18, Shincho no kan’yo [Qing dynasty official ware]. Some light wear to dust jackets. (10)
All volumes in otherwise good or better condition. Hardcover.