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Eleven books from The Japanese Fairy Tale Series,...

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Eleven books from The Japanese Fairy Tale Series, circa 1900, all told in English and colour woodblock printed on creped paper, published by Griffith Farran & Co London, Kobunsha, Tokyo, to include: No.2 The Tongue Cut Sparrow, No.3 Battle of The Monkey & The Crab, No.4 The Old Man Who Made The Dead Trees Blossom, No.5 Kachi-Kachi Mountain, No.7 The Old Man and The Devils, No.10 The Matsuyama Mirror, No.11 The Hare of Inaba, No.12 The Cub’s Triumph, No.14 The Princes Fire-Flash & Fire-Fade, No.16 the Wooden Bowl, and The Silly Jelly-Fish, no indication of series number (11)